Marie Schenk

Assistant Professor
Maginnes Hall 300
Ph.D., Brown University

Marie Schenk is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lehigh University, joining the department in fall 2022. She earned a PhD in political science in 2022 and a master’s degree in data science in 2021, both from Brown University. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Smith College.

Professor Schenk’s research primarily focuses on how online communication shapes citizens’ political identities. She has examined communities on Twitter and other social media platforms. Her research methods in this work pull from political science and data science, employing machine learning techniques and big data as well as original surveys. Additionally, she has published work in the fields of education and health policy. This work emphasizes the disparities different groups face in their access to public policies.

At Lehigh, Professor Schenk teaches courses in research design, quantitative methods, and American politics.